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(VIDEO) Which Celebrities Use Law Of Attraction?

Jim Carrey and Oprah Are A Few Fans Of Law Of Attraction

As we know, Law of Attraction(LOA) is like gravity; it is there even though you can’t see it.  And there are many people throughout the years like Einstein, Napoleon Hill, T Harv Eker and Wayne Dyer whom have dedicated there lives to attracting what they want and teaching others as well how to do it. Become inspired and leave feeling you CAN have the life you have always wanted.

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In this video celebrities talk openly about LOA.  You’ll see the faces of Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx,  Matt Damon, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey and many more.  You’ll be surprised I think at some that are proclaiming their belief in Law of Attraction.  Jim Carrey says,”our intention is everything.”  Steve Harvey has a lot of great things to share at 4:45.  This video is so inspiring.

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