Are You Ready For Your Dreams to Become Reality?

(VIDEO) Are You A Master Manifester?

Are You Aligned With What You REALLY Want?

Being consistent is key to attracting to what you want. Manifestation begins with knowing what you want and sticking to the right vibration to attract it.  So many times we veer off our path to our desire, on and off, on and off, and then when a little bit starts to happen, we don’t recognize that we are getting what we want.

This is a great audio/video on Abraham Hick‘s teaching.  I recognize the woman’s voice and at the moment can’t remember her name.  I’ll update when I do.

Emotion lets you know you’re in alignment…feeling is a response to the thought.  Once you’ve got that, you’ll find you’re clear minded.

A near ‘croaking’ experience is talked about and it’s truly interesting how this one thing falls away that keeps us from manifesting when this happens.  As humans that haven’t been there, it is just a little harder.

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There are success stories as well here for you to get motivated by.

What you are doing to manifest and are you doing it right?

Learn from the video on the next page. 

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