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The #1 Mistake People Make With LOA

Understanding The Puzzle Of Law Of Attraction To Make It Work

So, what do you really want?  You need to know this first before you can set your attention on your intention.

Once you have that, you need to know you can’t just fling it into the universe that this is what you want.  There is a little more to it.  And one step, that takes focus, that many people don’t practice or don’t know about.

There are two pieces to this puzzle.  It’s not a big puzzle, so each piece is VERY important in creating the outcome.

Let’s just say, your intention is to attract an extra $10,000.  This is the content or information part of your desire; the first piece.

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The second piece is the energy or attention you put on the attention. This is where most people go wrong.  In order to attract that extra money, you need to convey a feeling around your desire, so strong, it’s like you already possess it.  Passion or gratitude for what you want is the result of the energy you are creating.  You will know there is energy if you feel a powerful  connection to what you want.

The energy component, I will get to, first let’s talk about why people don’t get what they want, even when they attempt the Law of Attraction.

“I didn’t get what I wanted,
so LOA must not exist”

Often I hear of people saying they’ve applied the Law of Attraction in full force, but their intentions aren’t becoming reality.  The stubborn ones do that insane thing of expecting a different result, doing the same ineffective method. (Save yourself the time and learn it properly)  Others give up withing hours when their new car doesn’t drive up into their driveway, concluding that Law of Attraction is fake. (Don’t do this either).

I’m working on an article about “Why We Don’t Get What We Want Super Quickly” that I’ll share when done.  It covers some of the most common reasons why people don’t get results when unsuccessfully applying the Law of Attraction.
Let’s address here, the biggest reason why people don’t get what they want.

Wanting It Is Not Enough To Make It Happen

The #1 mistake people make: They don’t form their intention fully as they forget about the energy to fuel the intention.  Without the fuel, there is no going anywhere.

Great content + empty fuel tank (energy) = frustration and disappointment

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How does content on the internet get to you? Does it fly to you all by itself?  No, it does not. Without electricity, the content has no wings to fly.

Just suppose I’m a news reporter that discovered where the largest supply of gold is and it’s sitting underneath one of our great cities.  Just as I was about to send my article to my editor and get it published out to the world, my electricity goes out.  First I’m frustrated as my deadline is in 5 minutes.  Is the problem with my information?  Do I need to write more, or better, or change my story? No.  The problem is in the delivery system of my article; the electricity is off so I can’t send.  But some people do everything they can to ‘fix’ their intentions when the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working.

It doesn’t matter how many times I rewrote my article, it still wouldn’t change the outcome…no news to my editor.

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