So, what do you really want?  You need to know this first before you can set your attention on your intention.

Once you have that, you need to know you can't just fling it into the universe that this is what you want.  There is a little more to it.  And one step, that takes focus, that many people don't practice or don't know about.

There are two pieces to this puzzle.  It's not a big puzzle, so each piece is VERY important in creating the outcome.

The #1 Mistake People Make With LOA

Understanding The Puzzle Of Law Of Attraction To Make It Work

Let's just say, your intention is to attract an extra $10,000.  This is the content or information part of your desire; the first piece.

The second piece is the energy or attention you put on the attention. This is where most people go wrong.  In order to attract that extra money, you need to convey a feeling around your desire, so strong, it's like you already possess it.  Passion or gratitude for what you want is the result of the energy you are creating.  You will know there is energy if you feel a powerful  connection to what you want.

The energy component, I will get to, first let's talk about why people don't get what they want, even when they attempt the Law of Attraction.

"I didn't get what I wanted,
so LOA must not exist"

Often I hear of people saying they've applied the Law of Attraction in full force, but their intentions aren't becoming reality.  The stubborn ones do that insane thing of expecting a different result, doing the same ineffective method. (Save yourself the time and learn it properly)  Others give up within hours when their new car doesn't drive up into their driveway, concluding that Law of Attraction is fake. (Don't do this either).

I'm working on an article about "Why We Don't Get What We Want Super Quickly" that I'll share when done.  It covers some of the most common reasons why people don't get results when unsuccessfully applying the Law of Attraction.
Let's address here, the biggest reason why people don't get what they want.

Wanting It Is Not Enough To Make It Happen

The #1 mistake people make: They don't form their intention fully as they forget about the energy to fuel the intention.  Without the fuel, there is no going anywhere.

Great content + empty fuel tank (energy) = frustration and disappointment

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How does content on the internet get to you? Does it fly to you all by itself?  No, it does not. Without electricity, the content has no wings to fly.

Just suppose I'm a news reporter that discovered where the largest supply of gold is and it's sitting underneath one of our great cities.  Just as I was about to send my article to my editor and get it published out to the world, my electricity goes out.  First I'm frustrated as my deadline is in 5 minutes.  Is the problem with my information?  Do I need to write more, or better, or change my story? No.  The problem is in the delivery system of my article; the electricity is off so I can't send.  But some people do everything they can to 'fix' their intentions when the Law of Attraction doesn't seem to be working.

It doesn't matter how many times I rewrote my article, it still wouldn't change the news to my editor.

What Is The Driving Source Of My Intention?

Even though I've described the energy behind an intention as electricity, it isn't quite the same thing, but it works to help understand the concept.

What is the energy?  Most people think of the energy as the strong emotions brought to the intention.  This is a piece of it, but the emotions are more of the result of the energy, not the cause.

The best example of high-energy intentions come from children.  These kids are masters at manifestation.  What will they do to get what they want?  They don't stop at anything, if they're stubborn enough.  They jump, cry, pull hair, scream and repeat over and over and over their intention.  There's no question about what they want.  They make it VERY clear.  And as long as they don't give up, they're pretty good at manifesting.  It's usually a test of wills of who will last the longest.

Take The Quiz

What voltage do you bring to your intentions?  Do you talk about it like you do the weather?  Or are you passionate in your voice and whole being like someone that would die if they don't get it.  I'm not suggesting that you should throw a tantrum in the middle of the store, but if you don't get that energy up, you're not going to see any changes.

Emotions Are The Scale for Intentional Energy

As I mentioned earlier, strong emotions are actually the result of energy, not the cause of it.  Emotions are like a gauge of how much energy  is packed into your intention.  If you are so enthusiastic about your intention that you are driving people crazy and they tell you to shut up, you are fueling your intention with lots of energy.

So what’s the real source of this energy then?

Source is the source of energy.  Meaning, the energy is already there throughout the universe.  And you just need to connect  your intention with it.

Think about how electricity works. Electrons sit in the wires of your walls, just waiting for you to use or connect with them.  Nothing happens until you flip a switch or press a button to complete the circuit to create the flow of electricity that your home can use to power it.

Intentions work in a similar fashion.  Energy is sitting and waiting for you to get it flowing towards your intention.  This has nothing to do with 'what' the intention is.  Electricity isn't judging whether it's powering a computer, a light or a bomb.  There is no good or bad when it comes to energy.

What's The Polarity?

attraction through LOA

How do you get the energy current flowing?  Before getting into that, you need to understand the concept of polarity.

Going back to electricity....imagine a battery.  One terminal is positive and the other negative.  When you hook up the battery to a circuit, electrons flow in one direction creating a current.  If you flip the battery around and hook it up in the opposite fashion, the electrons will flow in the opposite direction.  The current is exactly the same, just flowing in a different direction.

Now what if you wanted to increase the current flowing through your circuit?  You could do that by adding more batteries, right?  But in order for this to work, the batteries must be aligned to create a current in the same direction.  If you put batteries into a device with some facing the correct way and some facing the wrong way, the device won’t work because you’ll screw up the current.

How does this compare to intention-manifestation?  Well, the energy you are applying to your intention also has a polarity.  It can flow either way, like the current of a battery.  You'll know when you the current you have is strong when you experience strong emotions.  No emotion means no current.

A good portion of people try to manifest their intentions using both polarities in the same circuit, resulting in energy moving back and forth, but never going long enough or strong enough one direction to make a difference.  If you're expecting results from Law Of Attraction, you can't do this.  You have to use one or the other of the polarities and remain consistent in your usage.

So what are the two polarities of intention-manifestation, and how do you apply them to build a strong intentional current?  Check that out more on how to make manifestation happen.

Have fun with it! This is life!



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