Are You Ready For Your Dreams to Become Reality?

Here’s What You Do To Have More Money

Have you ever heard someone say, “no thank you, I have enough money, please give it to the next person on your list”? Of course not! Everyone seems to want more of it, and there’s a ton out there in what Abraham Hicks calls the Vortex, you just have to tap into it. The key is to raise your vibration to match your dreams and desires.

Tapping into it, is the challenge isn’t it?
How do I do that, you ask?
The simple answer, yet challenging to do, is in raising your vibration. It takes practice.

Attracting more money is the number one reason why people want to manifest and learn more about the Law of Attraction. It’s not really the money that you want, it’s the experiences that money allows you to have…the house, cars, trips, and ultimately the freedom.

What it really frees up, is your mind, and creates the utter most peaceful feeling of everything is right in the world.
Do you want more of that?

Peace..I’m not saying that we need more money to feel peace. That must come before you have the money. Or you need to be in the vibration of money and abundance before you can actually see the money in your bank account.

It works the opposite of what we think…feel the vibration of money and you will attract it. Until you feel complete without it fully being here in the physical world, until you feel that it is here with you, more will not appear in your life. It is already here for you, but like everything else, you need to be on the same frequency in order to see it.

I know, it’s such a hard concept to understand. You may be asking, ”how can I feel the abundance of money if I’ve never had it before”? “How does raising your vibration, really get you what you want?” Baby steps.raise your vibration to manifest more money
Start with something that you feel abundant about or are extremely grateful for. And practice staying in that vibration and the feeling that goes along with it. This is where you need to be, in that feeling, to start attracting more of what you want, without indicating to Source (God, the Power, Universe or what you might call it) that there is something missing. The moment you give Source a hint that you don’t feel you have enough, you’re giving a mixed message. It’s like tug of war, and the more time that goes by without it manifesting, the less faith you might have, and you stop believing it’s going to happen. You need to tune in.

Start small, with something that will help build up your vibration and confidence that this really works.

You are not going to attract more of anything, when you are coming from outside of that feeling. To have what you want, you have to believe that it is already with you, that you already have it. Or you are coming from a place or lack. When you are coming from the feeling of lack, you will continue to attract more of that lack. Why? Because that is the law of attraction…you get more of what you are vibrationally connected to.
Like Abraham Hicks talks about…if you have a radio and there are many frequencies, let’s say 99.9 is a frequency for lack of money, and 104.5 is your wildest dreams coming true, and you are tuned into 99.9, can you hear or experience what is happening on 104.5? No. So, you have to tune into what you want, in order to have it. You have to be in that frequency or vibration.
I like this explanation very much, as it paints the picture of what many of us do. We repel what we really want because we aren’t tuned in to the emotional vibration of what we really want to have.

So, how do you start to attract more money?
Here are some steps that you can start every day that will raise your vibration using the Law of Attraction, and to help stay in the vibration of money longer and longer, eventually having more money show up in your life.

1. Even before you open your eyes in the morning, you are in what Abraham Hicks calls the Vortex. It is a space where you are still connected to God, Source, the Universe or whatever you call it. It is a super positive, high vibrational place. Do you ever feel positive in the mornings before you start thinking of work, and what you need to do? Do you feel that higher vibration in your body? Can you feel the heaviness that plunks itself down when you start thinking of what you need to do?

The feeling just before the heaviness plunks itself down, and puts its feet up, ready to stay, is where you want to be when feeling more of what you want. There isn’t resistance or negative thoughts that go along with money like when you open up your thought patterns such as “today I need to pay that bill that I don’t have enough money to pay” or “I was ahead, now I have a root canal to pay for” No, at that time, everything is still. Motion hasn’t happened.
During this time, just before reality starts setting in, think of 5 things you are grateful for and say them out loud with feeling. Include in this, words like, “I am grateful for the trip I’m taking in June to Costa Rica”, or something else you want to happen that hasn’t happened yet. Putting it out there, while in that vibration, is the only way to have your dreams transpire.
The next step, is to raise your vibration more often, until finally you are living in a raised vibration, without thought about things that haven’t happened yet, because you have all confidence that they are here now for you, and you will soon see them. Because the most amazing life, is when you are living in the high vibration of the Source, with all of your desires taking ahold.
Imagine how that feels! When you do, you’re one step closer to manifesting your dreams.

2. Write down one thing you want to happen, that is going to take money, and memorize it, with feeling. Start saying it until you feel it. It could take a week or a year. This is one of the things you will state you are grateful for in the morning as you wake. The other 3 or 4 things can change if you’d like. Let’s work on one thing at a time. This will help as well, with your confidence

3. You can raise your vibration by practicing a random act of kindness every day. It is fun, and for the person that is unexpected, it will rock their day. Doing this, you also have it being paid forward because they will also think about doing something because it made them feel good.

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4. Do things that make you feel good, and let go of the rest. Okay, so there are things during the day that you MUST do, like work. Your attitude about your life now, will raise or lower your vibration. We want to raise it, so kick out as much negativity as you can. You don’t like your work, and you can’t change your job right now? Then start figuring out your passions and what would make you happy. Then start putting a plan together for what you need to do to get there. To take action towards a goal is important. It shows the universe what you want. Put your energy in the direction you want to go. If not, you’re putting it in a direction you don’t want, and guess what, you’ll get more of what you don’t want.

Find something positive about every situation in your life. Here is a short list of situations you can find positive things about:
Bills – I am grateful to have enough money, or credit to pay these bills. The fact I’m receiving these bills, means that I still have electricity a house and a car. It’s a symbol of what I have to be grateful for.

Root canal – this is a lesson to take care of my teeth, as I only have one set. Overweight – I have hit my rock-bottom and am ready to take control of my life to create a healthy, happy life. Without experiencing being overweight, I would not have this appreciation for my journey to a healthy weight, and the story to motivate and teach others.

How do you turn thoughts into things?Thinking of the law of attraction

You need to realize it first, and put emotion to it in order for it to manifest in your physical life. It takes practice, just like anything else. I can give you the tools you need to make it happen. Then, it’s up to you to grab hold and work to raise your vibration. Practice. Practice. Practice. The better you get at feeling what you want, as if it is happening now, the faster you will start manifesting your desired life.