The Link Between Meditation and Your Body

When we experience stress every day, it causes physical damage to our body. Meditation could be the answer to this problem. Meditation affects the body in the opposite way that stress does. Not only it calms down the body, it helps the body to repair itself and prevents new damages to the body too. So what is the link between meditation and your body?

Meditation can reverse your stress response and thus protecting you from the effects of chronic stress. According to a research which compared a meditating group to a non meditating group, they found that non-meditating groups have worse stress responses such as high blood pressure, pain syndromes and other conditions compared to meditating group. Experts have said that any condition


caused or worsened by stress can be alleviated through meditation. When you are meditating, you are actually relaxing your body. This helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure and it


also improves heart rate, breathing and brain waves. You start using oxygen more efficiently and you also sweat less. When you do it daily, your immune functions starts improving. Once your mind is cleared of its stress, your creativity also increases.

In people who are meditating, brain scans have shown that there is an increase in activity in areas that control metabolism and heart rate. Buddhist monks

have shown that meditation produces long-lasting changes in brain activity areas involved in memory, attention, learning and perception.

Meditation also helps ward off illness and infections. It is an immune booster. When you are relaxed, you are less prone to suffering infectious disease. Whereas for stressed people, their bodies are already physical damaged and their immune function are already low, so it does not take much to get them sick.


Although meditation is a little difficult to start, it is not difficult to learn. All you need is practice. Over time, you will be able to meditate properly and to clear your mind, you too will be able to enjoy the benefits that meditation has to offer.

Are you ready for meditation and how it can transform your life?