Are You Ready For Your Dreams to Become Reality?

Mastering The Law Of Attraction

Let’s Rev Up The Law Of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction working for you?  If it’s not, then most likely one or more of 5 of the main steps are being done incorrectly or missing altogether.

Here’s a briefing of what it would look like when using the Law of Attraction right:

You imagine what it feels like to have what you want as if it’s happening already.  You create experiences in your real world that mimic what’s in your mind and the feelings and emotions become stronger.  Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between your imagination and your ‘reality’ but they do have to match eventually.  So, with enough practice, you will find yourself with what you want.

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Here’s the longer version of that last paragraph….

Get Everything You Want In 5 Steps

Step 1 – What Do You Desire?

This is the first key to making it happen…you need to make sure you REALLY want what you are asking for.  If not, there won’t be enough emotions and energy behind the car, relationship, house, vacation or money.

And if it’s big, be prepared to put a lot of emotion and energy into it.  And don’t expect it to pop into your life right away.  Bigger things tend to take more time.  You have to continue to focus on it until you get it.  No hesitation or doubts attached even as time goes on or that will set you back.
And if you put the feeling into it that you need it, not just want it, there will be more energy driving the manifestation.

loa-focus on manifesting

Step 2 – Act As If..

Have you heard of the phrase “act as if”?  Well, that is exactly what you need to do.  If you are needing a trip to Italy, you need to ‘act as if’ you have already gone.  So, grab some books on the topic, cut out pictures and put them on your wall, talk as if you’ve been there.  Imagine in your mind of how it felt and that you’d like to go back.  Make every cell in your body experience it as if it has happened.  What does it smell like, taste like and feel like?  What types of people did you meet? Feel the joy that it brought you and your energy will soar!

Feel how grateful that you are for being able to go to Italy.  And how amazing it felt that you manifested this into your life with the Law of Attraction.

Stay in this place until you feel you have had it.

Don’t move to step 3 until you have felt that you’ve had it.

Step 3 – Attach and Detach From Your Dream At The Same Time

Once you’re here, you are going to feel like there’s no doubt in your mind that it’s happened and you’ve been to Italy, do you need it to still really happen?  Well, of course as you want to manifest it.  But in truth, since it has happened already in your head, it’s already real.

Make it Happen! Manifest Your Miracle

When you have the feeling that it’s going to happen ‘in realty’ at the time that it’s supposed to, you’ve achieved being attached to your dream and detached at the same time.  It is a time when you are relaxed and this is important.  If you add stress to what you want, it’s not going to happen as the universe will associate that stress with what you are asking for, and not give it to you as stress isn’t a good thing.

Check out Step 4 & 5 on the next page.

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