I am here to tell you everything and anything is possible:  you just have to dream it first.  Living by the rules of the Law of Attraction, gives you the ability to live the life you've always dreamed of.  Notice I said 'dreamed'?  It doesn't happen until you see it in your mind's eye.

make the law of attention work for you

Make the Law of Attraction Work Over and Over

What is your dream?  Do you dream of becoming an amazing artist?  A great parent or even child?  Or do you want to write a book or start a business?  First, remember, it's all possible, you just have to _______ it.  Exactly.

And you know what the cool thing is?  Once you are living by the Law of Attraction, and you have manifested a dream of yours into reality, it becomes easier and easier to get even more of what you want.

Why?  Well, you will be more in tune to the vibration of what you want.  It will become easier to dream of what you want because you've been practicing.  You will believe it. 

Just like hitting a ball or drawing, the more you do it, the better you get at it.  And the more you do it, the more intuitive you become and see more of what will help you get what you want.  If you want a really great course about this to teach you check out Manifestation Miracle.  I highly recommend it as it is a little different from other courses I've done and it works.

So, how do you create the life you have always dreamed of?

Here are some tips to help you in this.

1. Be Positive.  Be Grateful.  Appreciate Everything.

Your attitude is half of it.  The more positive you are, the more positive others become as well.  We are all interconnected.  Don't gossip or spread negativity.
Even on the worst days, be grateful and appreciate everything.  Start a gratitude journal and write 5 things each day that you are grateful for and that are different from yesterday's entry.  Even being grateful for what we see as negative is important, as these are lessons and sometimes stop us from making even bigger mistakes.

Can you walk?  Do you have a home?  Do you have friends or family?  Do you have a car? Food?  Clothing or walking around naked?  We all can find much to appreciate and be grateful for.

law of attraction for you

2. Believe In Your Dreams.

Without question, believe in what you want in your life.  Spend even 10 minutes a day thinking or meditating on what you want.  How does it feel, sound, taste?  Use all of your senses to start bringing it into your reality.  Don't let ANYONE squish your dream because anything is possible.  And once you have one dream happening, more will follow.  You just need to believe.

3. Follow Your Gut.

As scientists say, our gut is our second brain, so it's pretty smart.  When you get a feeling about something, good or bad, listen to your gut.  The more you do, the stronger it will become.  Don't get discouraged if it's not right the first time or second as sometimes it takes some time to wake that part of us up.  Over time, you will find that your instincts are more right then wrong, which leads to more confidence in you.  The more you trust you, the more trustworthy you become.

4. Giving To Others Helps You.

Attract people and circumstances that you want by treating others as you want to be treated.  Like attracts like as the saying goes.  And again, it raises your energy vibration.

5. Experience Something Different.

Some like to travel.  Others like to try a new food.  What opens new doors for you will expand your horizons and have you grow, which changes your energy level to higher.

6. No Excuses.

'Just Do It' as Nike says.  That is my motto.  Don't think or you will find a reason not to put energy into something, even if it's good for you as the ego tends to be lazy.  You are ultimately responsible for your world.  The more you think, the less you will do.  And doing is important, whether it's lying there and dreaming or taking one action step towards your dream.

7. Be Real.

The universe rewards those that are themselves.  Put away the mask that you might have been wearing and just be you.  That way you are not sending out mixed signals of what or who you really want to be.

8. Your Imagination Is Key To Manifestation.

It starts with what's in your head, then what comes out of your mouth, then what actions you put into play.  So, be aware of what you are thinking about and then speaking about.

9. Passion About Your Dreams.

The more excitement and positive energy and passion you put forth, the quicker you will get what you want.  If you sway and have doubts, that's like having second thoughts about what you want, and that will set you back.  So, stay on track and keep your thoughts on your goal.

10. Stress and Worry Are Killers Of Dreams

Focus on what you want and leave stress and worry behind.  The more you focus on them, the more power you give to them and the longer it will take to get what you want.

focus for manifestation

11. There's A Reason For Everything.

Everything has a purpose.  Something you may interpret as negative may be just what you needed to make you strong to be able to accept your dream coming true.  It's all a gift worth unwrapping.

If you're living a pretty positive life already, then many of these tips will come naturally to you.  If not, well, you have a bit more work to do, and that's okay.  Give yourself permission to work on this like you do an assignment.  And know that doing your best is all you can do.  Be patient with yourself as this does take a bit of time to get the hang of.

Be good to yourself and others and your dreams will come true, over and over and over again.


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