Everyone deserves a partner that lifts them up, brings them joy and helps them to become the best version of themselves.  So many people are constantly searching for someone to fill this role in their life.  The answer to whether or not you meet a compatible match does not lie in whether or not there is someone out there, (because there is)— it lies in how you spend your time, where your choices take you, and what you emit emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.   Here is how to attract the right partner into your life:

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How To Attract The Right Partner Into Your Life

1. Do What You Love

You may be wondering,  “How will doing what I love attract my perfect match?”  Doing what you love will naturally take you to new places.  Always.  Whether it be a coffee shop, new job, new city or travelling to get where you need to go do to what you love, embarking upon the journey of following your heart open doors that are bound to have you making new connections and meeting new people.

It is more likely that you will find someone who is aligned with you when you are doing what you love, as it may take you to the same places your compatible match will be.  If everyone spent more time doing what they loved,  they’d meet more people who are doing the same things because of their love for it too.  Pursuing your passions not only feeds your soul, but brings you into new dimensions of others whose soul speaks a similar language.

2.  Respect Yourself

When you don’t respect yourself,  energetically you send out vibes that are likely to attract people who will suck the life out of you, rather than raise you up.  Respecting and honoring yourself is not only crucial for your own heart and soul, but will create room to attract others who will do the same.

As much as people are afraid to to accept it, there is a reason that certain individuals repeatedly end up with abusive partners over and over again.  What we believe about ourselves, and how treat ourselves is a spiritual invitation for others to do the same.

3. Stop Searching

Why is it that so often when you stop looking for something, you find it?  At the end of the day, we are all souls in a constant search:  for pleasure, happiness, for joy and for love.  There is no reason you can’t have all of those things.  But it all starts with doing what you can to improve your life, regardless of what you don’t have yet.  So many people spend so much time looking and waiting for someone to complete them.  If they instead spent that time building a life they deserve and enjoy,  they could have effortlessly met that special person that was already aligned with the life they created.

So stop wasting the precious days of your life in search of the right person.  Instead, be productive and start building the life of your dreams.  After all, you and your future partner deserve you to be happy, successful and fulfilled.  That is, after all, what you want to offer to someone you love.  And that’s what you deserve to have for yourself.  Life shouldn’t be about looking for someone to complete you, it should be about fulfilling your potential, your goals, your dreams— and likely, along the way, the person you are supposed to be with will be there waiting.  Believe it.


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Author: Erin Janus is an aspiring musician, video editor and producer.
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