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Holding your attention on your intention such as a new relationship, money or better health can be challenging and you may not see results as fast as you want…or maybe no results at all. As you spend more time with your attention on it, eventually it does appear. Synchronicities happen and you find yourself with new people and circumstances that will eventually help your intention manifest…except when they don’t.  The process didn’t work for you?

And then you ask yourself why your intention is taking so long to manifest.  Why do intentions take so long to manifest (or not at all)?  Keep reading to find out exactly what might be happening or what you may be doing to stop your dreams from coming true.

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1. Did You Remember To Hold It?

If you think of your intention as an invisible wave of electromagnetism, it’s like you’re sending out a radio signal.  The universe gets your message and sends, reflects them back as part of the physical world.  The more emotion, thought and energy you put into your intention, the stronger the signal you’re putting out there and the stronger the reflection will bounce back to you.  If you fail to hold an intention, it means you’re not putting enough energy into it.  The manifestation may be so week you don’t even see it.

It’s possible that the #1 reason why people don’t manifest what they want in the physical world is because they lack endurance and stamina with their intention. Physical matter is just a dense form of energy.  The denser it is, the more energy it’s going to take to manifest.  It’s not unusual to hold your intention for weeks, not see anything happen, and then all of a sudden you’re hit between the eyes with exactly what you wanted.

You will find if you put enough energy into your intentions, they will continue to work behind the scenes, even if you let it go and forget about them.If you put enough energy into your intentions, they may continue working behind the scenes even if you forget about them.
Recently I found a dreamboard that I had tucked away in the back of my closet.  When I looked at it, I realized a lot of what was on that board had come true.  Some in bizarre ways, but the Universe did hear me.  I had spent a lot of time over a period of 2 weeks putting energy towards my intentions and then left it alone.

I will say though, be specific.  One of my intentions was a new car.  I got my new car, but in a way that I would have rather not have.  The Universe can be tricky if you’re not specific.  My car was totaled when a woman hit my car after running a red light.  Boom, new car.  Not a happy way to get it…and remember, there is no such thing as positive or negative energy, just energy.

You need to get in a good daily habit of holding your intentions if you want to manifest faster.  Try holding your intention twice a day or more.  During meditation is good, or in the morning and just before bed work too.  Hold your intention for as long as you can with great energy, and emotion.  Feel it as if it has already happened.  Do this for 30 days and pay attention to your surroundings.

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2. Oops, I Was Too Tired.

Emotion equals energy. The more emotion you put forth, the more energy you have to fuel your intention.  If you aren’t passionate about your intention, it’s not going to work.  The most powerful intentions are those that help you feel joyful.  Pick those.

3. Make Up Your Mind

If your intention is blurry and out of focus to you, it will be to the Universe as well, making it very difficult to manifest. Be specific.  If you want money, ask for an exact amount.  If you want to lose weight, state the exact amount you want to weigh.  Like a flashlight with weak batteries, an intention that is not laser focused, will have a hard time creating a pinpointed beam to manifestation.

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